Working with Simons & Waitrose

We've just finished working on a range of marketing and exhibition materials for Waitrose to promote their proposed store in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Read on for more about our solution...

by Tom, 04 Sep 2012

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Our top tips for email newsletters

The thought of creating a HTML email template often sends a shudder down a designer's spine as it's well known to be a tricky beast. When designing a website there are a few different browsers to test for yet emails are viewed in more ways than you'd care to think about. But at Root Studio we love a challenge and would never shy away from tackling a difficult medium like email, so here's a few tips for the looks (and guts) of your email marketing.

by Lea, 21 Aug 2012

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Our New Responsive Website

If you’re reading this you’re looking at our new, responsive, website. Try it out – we’ve tried our best to make the experience an immersive one on both mobiles and desktop devices alike. We’re now going to try and explain a little bit about the exciting road we took to get here!

by Lea, 01 Aug 2012

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